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March 16, 2009
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Panty Prison by DoubleU12 Panty Prison by DoubleU12

Oh my goodness! O_O 440 views in less than 24 hours, wow!!! Thank you guys so much for your interesting in my pic. ^_^ You all made Purl very happy!

Heh, if you guys like this pic check out my gallery, I have a few other GTS pics. I guess I should make a folder. *Shrug* Oh well, for convience I'll put them here for now and make a folder later.

[link] Pic of Peach, Roll and Black Magician Girl in swimsuits. Peach is the GTS if you're wondering.

[link] All my friends from the Anime Writing Club ^_^;;; I'm the 1 prisoned by Nikki in this pic. Purl is in this pic too if you like her~ ^-^

[link] My Princess Peach halloween costume pic! Her entire outfit is a whole scavenger hunt of little guys. ^_^

[link] The original Peach pic I submitted to DA. Yes, I have a lot of people giving me Princess Peach requests.

[link] Then finally my Garnet x Eiko. My favorite GTS pic I've drawn and my very first too. ^_^

[link] This 1 has nothing to do with GTS but I bet everyone will like it anyway. ^-^ My femdom Soul Caliber picture~


This is the first time in a very long time I've drawn a rather suggestive picture myself instead of a commision. `.` But considering my gallery is full of them you wouldn't think it huh...
Anyway, recently I've been thinking about people's conception of vulgar and tasteful.

Like for example, almost every girl I know agrees that shrinking a boy and dropping him down into a girl's underwear is considered cute and funny and I in fact know 2 girls who would eagerly shrink guys and tuck them into their girlfriend's underwear if they had the ability to and 1 or 2 that would gladly tuck them down their own.

Ironicly, almost all these same girls think that if a girl is straddling a boy's face and she moves her underwear aside this considered to be rather vulgar and distasteful, even if it is still a little funny kinda and I know no one that has ever considered actually doing this, even to a lover.

So it's curious to me why these 2 concepts are very similar yet accepted differently in people's thoughts.

Now you might think that a girl emprisoning a guy in her panties would have a completely opposite effect on the prisoner. You would think that the guy would greatly enjoy this right? Well I don't know about that actually.

If you think about it, yes of course the guy would be INCREDIBLY aroused for quite a while stuck there, but the he would actually get no pleasure out of it at all while the girl would get quite a lot out of it, and this would result in him getting very miserable being so aroused but without any pleasure to reward it.

Also there would actually be quite a LOT of permanite damage done to him as a result of this (not including any damage that would be caused from the shrinking proccess.)

What I mean by this, think how small this guy would be, now think of how much pheramones are being emitted from the girl expecially if she's aroused which is very possible considering.

Every breath he would take would be literally drowning in pheramones that would have a much more increased effect on his body and circulatory system due to their drastically increased size in his body.

(basically imagine smoking, now imagine that smoke you breathed in just grew x10 it's size in your body. It's the same idea)

Even if he was imprisoned in there for only a couple hours, it would permanity alter his sex drive, energy levels and personality. He would most likely develop a very shy gentle behavior, and though this would last a only day or so, he still wouldn't go back to the way he was.

Not only that, but humans are not ment to be that small, a very, very short drop. a gentle hit would be fatal. If she sat down or fell wrong, hit her crotch on something, or just went waist high in water for a short time, her prisoner would die very, very quickly. (Not to mention the possible dangers that would occure if she was aroused too much by this)

Kinda interesting thoughs.

As you can see, I drew Purl. Punishing someone for something he did. Now normally Purl never pays this much attention to her prisoner. Normally she tucks them in and goes about whatever she's doing, forgetting about them until she's reminded that he's there.

She loves doing this to people and considers it to be a very cruel and just punishment for guys who mistreat girls. (Expecially a certain kitty overlord who supports this punishment ^_~) However, those of you who know Purl, also know that this isn't her favorite or most common form of punishment. She actually has a much more pleasurable, permanent prison for most men (even if they did nothing wrong, or really anything at all other then be near by when she felt like doing it to someone. ^_~ Purl's not the kind of girl that takes justice into consideration.)

This prison is only reserved for guys she knows and doesn't intend to keep locked up for only a couple hours instead of all eternity, and if you boys think you'd enjoy it, well then you're completely clueless.

Phew, well to whom ever read all of that, ^_^ Mention it in your feed back and I'll give you a pat on the back, or a hug. Whichever you want.... I like hugs. ~^-^~
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leaderofplay Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2014
what anime is that
DoubleU12 Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2014
It is my own character. : )
leaderofplay Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2014
oh ok
Rot8erConeX Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2014
I did indeed read all your description XD.  Maybe that's why I like being the giant in G/t scenarios: I overthink things like that.
EpicArcanine Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2012
I read it, but I still think that... I would... you know...
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Yes I read it but I wouldn't mind lol
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is it really a prizon? if it is take me in and cuff me up
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lol good drawing
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very good drawing

haha btw i read it all :)
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Fuck. That was a hell of a lot to read. Also, i'd rather NOT get sent to that prison ^^;
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