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Gift for Clover by DoubleU12 Gift for Clover by DoubleU12
Clover: Oh DoubleU this gift is perfect, I love it~ But i told you if you're going to watch you're going to have to be quiet or you might have to be next after I'm done with him. Hee hee~

This is a flirty picture of Clover, a character based on a friend of mine, and this is a gift I drew for her based on what she finds sexy.

A very sexually aggressive female in very cute cloths, male bondage, and sexual violence. Her favorites~ ^_^

I actually drew about half of this 1 night and had no intention of finishing it but she thought it was an awesome idea and demanded I finished it so...

As you can see DoubleU (Me) gave Clover a fun little gift; a male human ^_^ She's having fun with her gift by using her evil shadow to bondage and strangle it while she lovingly embraces, dry humps and gropes it until it perishes. However she also bandaged up DoubleU as well!!! Why, because she's forcing him to watch her. She loves to tease DoubleU and knows he finds this as sexy as she does~ ^_^ But as you can see, he's just as worried as he is aroused.

He better be careful, if he doesn't behave he might be next to suffer the same fate as her gift~ O_O;;; Uh oh.
kibbwii Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2010
pretty cool pic dude, wouldnt mind seeing Clover and her shadow getting a couple more ';presents' lol
jay90 Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2009
i like her face its a cool pic
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